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Adoption is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Discover people interested in adopting that are a little different than the typical couple. We encourage you to get to know our members by visiting their websites and contacting them personally. They would love to hear from you.








Visit Parent to meet adopting parents interested in adoption.

Find an adoption Professional in your area

ABC Adoptions Hotline
Postings from established adoption professionals. Screened daily. Usually over 50 postings of available adoptions. Established by ABC Adoptions in 1998.


2adopt Yahoo groups

Join 2 , A 1800 member adoption email group founded 1998. Learn about adoption. Share stories.

Adoption Scams Yahoo Groups
Join this email group to stay informed about adoption scams. This group can save you time and money. Read about the latest alerts.

ABC Adoptions Yahoo Groups
Post and read adoption stories and experiences.

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